Global Download Relay Service(GDRS)

What is Global Download Relay Service(GDRS)?

When many people download audio and video, they often receive the following message: This video is not available from your location due to geo restriction, even if you are from that country, but because you travel, go on a business trip or study in other countries, you Unable to watch or save these audio and video, what should you do at this time?

Global Download Relay Service(GDRS) helps you solve this regional restriction problem. We can provide servers in various places to help you download audio and video normally anywhere. It's like a built-in vpn service

Step 1: you need to subscribe to it.

Step 2: Login account of "Global Download Relay Service"

Step 3: select the server in the region where the audio and video you want to download are located.

For example: if you want to download videos in Bangkok, you need to choose an Italian server, or if you want to download in Japan, you need to choose a German server

Finally, just copy the playback address of the audio and video and download it.

(1)Login account of Global Download Relay Service automatically

At the same time as the program starts, log in to the account of the service.

(2)After logging in account, this service will be automatically started.

After you subscribe to the service, you will receive an email with your account information for the service.

If you check this option, the service will be automatically started after you log in successfully.

(3)use Global Download Relay Service by default to download stream

If you check this option, this service will be automatically selected for downloading streaming media.

Note: Since this service has a total traffic limit, we recommend only using this service for websites with regional restrictions.

Send us( an email and tell us which region you need a relay server, and we will try our best to build it for you.